My Gift to You

🎁 Happy Relationships and a Merry Christmas

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My gift to you this holiday season, is one of happier times with your loved ones. I have a giveaway for you; a booklet of Date Year Ideas for you to use at your leisure. Completely free, no strings attached, a giveaway of pure loving intention.

The date ideas are fun and relaxed and can be used in any relationship you wish to deepen. Healthy relationships cover all aspects of our lives, so you can quite easily adapt my date ideas to your friendships, family relationships or partnerships. 

Your style, your way.


I have included a page for each month of the year with some ideas for you to think about. But, this is YOUR date year, YOUR way. You can change them up, add your own or include anything that gets you closer to understanding the person you are with in that moment.

Your free booklet is at the link below:

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Have fun and do share your own date ideas with me in the comments, I love trying new things.

Here are just a few links to some of the suggestions in your Date Year Ideas Booklet:

My knowledge of reviving relationships has been proven worthy by my readers. Here's a great suggestion for a book to read together:

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and I will see you in the New Year!

Bring on 2022! 
Let's rock it like a Rockstar!


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